Welcome to Wanderful Bodies videos!

We offer fabulous and soulful exercise and meditation videos for real people. Here at Wanderful we are happy to work you out, even if you are make up free, sweaty from chasing your kids, in need of a haircut and dye, rocking your own boobs, wearing your rattiest sweatpants, crying, and still carrying that "last" 10 pounds. Imperfection is perfect for us. We love every inch of you and will work very very hard on both your outside and your inside so you feel better and better about yourself everyday.

Work out with us, without body shame or self-consciousness. Work out with us in the middle of the night. Work out with us knowing that no matter who you are, we are here on the sidelines, supporting you in becoming the strongest and happiest you you can be.


Pilates, Yoga and Fusion classes;  aggressive, restorative, well rounded,  and even better.... designed to be body friendly!

We are adding new classes every month, with new instructors on the way! Help us grow our site by joining as a Wanderful Angel. The first 100 people to sign up will get a permanent subscription price lock at $5 a month. What a deal! Join now and help us build our video archives. More classes, more teachers, more of everything wonderful! 

*** Disclaimer! Our insurance company insists on this one!

Use of our videos is undertaken completely at your own risk. You agree by participating that you are in good health and cleared by your physician to take partake in activities. By participating you agree to hold harmless Wanderful Bodies LLC, it's officers, officials, agents, and owners for any claims, damages, disabilities, death, expenses, or liability whether arising from the negligence of the releasees or otherwise, while taking part in this program. Even if you choose not to read this disclaimer, it still applies.