Wanderful Bodies

Wanderful Bodies is about exploration, both inward and outward. It's about the journey, enjoying every moment of life (yes, even the rough spots) with curiosity, whimsy and laughter. It's about getting more inside yourself than ever before while getting out and about in the world. Wanderful's purpose is to encourage you to push your limits, expand your horizons, dig deep, break open, learn and love with a widely open and grateful heart. 


Within the Wanderful Bodies website you will find thoughts on travel , life experience and recommendations on fun places we've found, both in the world and inside ourselves. 


Our soulful streaming studio has Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, fusion and other fantastic exercise classes as well as meditations to help you stay strong, flexible and calm no matter where your travels take you.

Wanderful Bodies Retreats are heart based, exciting and all about expanding your perceptions of what you are capable of, what you love and what we all have in common.

Here at Wanderful Bodies we will all move together to explore our amazing world while supporting each other to more deeply explore ourselves. 

So join us, and our fellow Wanderful collaborators, in our hilarious, completely foolish, intensely heartfelt, exploration of this beautiful world. We hope you discover what we already know: you are gorgeous, worthy and Wanderful too!

Happy wandering!

with love,

Alysha and Jacqui